We are all made up of multiple identities: professional, cultural, personal and more… Defining our stories, visions and ambitions, and creating
meaning in our lives is not simple, but this is where Barbara Mattison comes in.

Our life paths are punctuated by endless, ongoing intersections and choices, in the quest for our “place” at work, at home, and in an increasingly
complex society.


Helping teams

Helping people, organizations and teams to develop their competencies and impact both locally and globally is Barbara’s particular focus and she has impacted companies and individuals across the globe deeply and enduringly for the past thirty years.


Outstanding decoder

Your needs and objectives will be analyzed by someone whose listening skills come from her own multicultural life experience, making her an outstanding decoder of our globalized world.


Developing potential

Her training and coaching sessions bring together a strong sense of pedagogy, dynamism and fun. They are designed to explore and develop individual and team potential, aiming to help them achieve their goals for action and performance as well as keeping in mind their self-realization.

Barbara Mattison

International trainer and psychoanalyst

At 17

By her own admission, Barbara has been a trainer since she was
seventeen years old when she gave English classes to a French
baker who wanted to set up in California!

At 20

By the age of twenty, she was supporting West African workers
with literacy skills.

At Present

Since then, she has never stopped in her quest to develop humans.


Whatever the focus, global or local, Barbara will pull on the most appropriate resource she has to support your development.

She has a genuine commitment to making the world a better place, by working with individuals and teams, to figure out whatever challenges they are facing, in particular when these involve cultures, intersections, and the opportunity to create confidence, understanding and broadened minds.



In over thirty years, Barbara has created new visions and progress for a multitude of companies, not all of which cannot be portrayed here, but
here is a selection:


Her feedback and ratings are consistently excellent and the below is only a tiny selection of praise Barbara has received over the years:

Whether it be in the multinationals where I have been Human Resources Director, or in the ANDRH group that I moderate, Barbara has helped us to make a big leap in understanding others, opening up to others through culture. With unwavering benevolence, Barbara knows how to capture our attention by using examples that you remember forever. Going from the mechanism of stereotypes to cultural differences in a few hours, to make you aware of the universal fundamentals of how human relationships work is the magic Barbara offers her audience..

Catherine I.

International HR Director, IT

I met Barbara Mattison during a training program on remote management. Shortly after I contacted her to design a team-building session. My objective: put our heads together on how to go from a « collection of individuals » to a group then to a team.
I greatly appreciated the preparatory work with Barbara: her listening skills, capacity for dialogue, suggestions of workshops, etc.
What I retain from this experience was the team’s initial surprise, then, once the ice was broken, the activity about building bridges out of paper with rudimentary means and a pre-defined rule. Nothing could be better to encourage dialogue, in a context that takes us away from what is purely professional.

Claudine M. Head of Quality Management

R&D Center for Construction Industry

I had the opportunity to work with Barbara several times, as head of a consultancy in international human resources. Beyond the fact that I appreciate her publications on intercultural management and on managing human relationships, I have always enjoyed working with Barbara for her understanding of situations and clarity of thought, her empathetic approach to people, her alacrity and the operational nature of her suggestions. Moreover, she is completely reliable: what she says, she always does, and on schedule!

Benoît T.

Director of International Human resources consultancy

I have had the pleasure of working with Barbara for many years for the seminar we organize to develop a better understanding of cultural differences and to better integrate our foreign researchers. Her conferences and training sessions are high quality and the feedback from our participants is consistently enthusiastic. Barbara is an excellent professional, a pedagogue with very good interpersonal skills, a listener attentive to her clients’ needs. For these reasons, I highly recommend her!

Virginie A.

HR officer, International research institute


Barbara’s work is rich in influence as well as in
terms of her own creations. Below she shares
both products of her own as well as those that
have colored her journey.


Film: Working with the French, Palmis TV

Article: Comment gérer les malentendus interculturels, FemmExpat


Barbara’s influences

The Night of the Hunter by Charles Laughton
Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch
The Leopard by Luchino Visconti
In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust
A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf
4321 by Paul Auster

Ideas & events

Bilingualism in the family

Bilingualism in the family

Bilingualism in the family Come and talk with other parents about our children and their bilingualism (in French). Paris, Café la Contrescarpe 16th March 2019

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